Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud-Based?

A common question regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 is whether or not it is cloud-based. In short, the answer is yes. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 does offer a host of deployment options; on-premises, cloud or hybrid:

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the tools with the Microsoft Power Platform that enables you to build custom apps, to accommodate your business needs or solve your problems when you cannot find a suitable off-the-self solution. The apps you use can quickly connect to your stored business data, that is either located in an underlying data platform (for example the Common Data Service) or within an on-premise/online data source, for example; Excel, SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server and Dynamics 365.

  • On-Premise: Software licenses are purchased and the database is stored on your server. This keeps all business data in-house, providing you with full control of how and where any information is stored, as well as being solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hardware.
  • Cloud: No hardware is required, and the solution can be deployed remotely. Data is stored in the cloud and protected by Microsoft’s secure servers. A cloud solution is much more flexible in comparison to an on-premise deployment, as users can be increased/decreased easily, as well as the ability to integrate more applications at any time
  • Hybrid: A business purchases the on-premise software and pays a third party to host it

Although on-premise and hybrid options are available, Microsoft has adopted a ‘cloud-first’ approach to Dynamics 365 implementations and continues to lead with this model. Cloud CRM Solutions are increasingly popular given the wide range of benefits, however there are various industries which will require on-premise software.

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