Our reporting is taking too long each month, how can Power BI overcome this?

If you are currently relying on manual methods of reporting, using tools such as Microsoft Excel, you are more than likely spending a long time each month collating information and generating reports.

You are reliant on various departments providing you with their data, collating information from siloed applications, and additional delays may occur should any extra data be required, or the existing figures need manipulating (if the raw data is not in a suitable format to be worked with). Manual reporting is also largely open to human error and you cannot fully trust the reliability of the data and something as small as an incorrect formula, or a value in the wrong cell, can totally throw out the reporting.

Microsoft’s data and analytics tool, Power BI, can help you overcome these challenges. Power BI provides you with greater accessibility, visibility and insights into your data by bringing it together in one place. A real benefit of the solution, is that it can handle vast amounts of data into Power BI that other solutions would struggle to handle. As less manual work is required, this is much quicker for an organisation and insights can be gained instantly.

The solution automatically connects to hundreds of different data sources, as well as many more apps and services that your organisation may already use. This includes native integrations with SQL Server, Dataverse, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and much more. On top of this, new integrations are constantly being developed, helping to further extend Power BI’s reach. As a result, time is saved as there is no need to manually pull data from various disparate systems.

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