What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Business Central?

There isn’t a difference between Dynamics 365 and Business Central, in fact, Business Central is part of the D365 platform. However, there is a difference between the CRM applications which sit under the Dynamics 365 ‘umbrella’ and Business Central.

It is a common misconception that the Dynamics 365 CRM applications (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service and Project Operations) form D365 alone. Whilst these applications do make up the D365 platform, they are not the only ones. There are also other applications, such as Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail and Business Central – Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP Solution.

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Overall, Dynamics 365 is largely around Microsoft’s end-to-end cloud-based CRM and ERP platform. The CRM applications aim to support businesses to qualify leads, manage sales opportunities, improve processes, build stronger relationships, optimise marketing campaigns, and gain a clearer view of your business. The ERP side, including Business Central, is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses and designed to help manage financials, manufacturing, shipping, projects, services, and more.

Due to the connected nature of the applications, you can either choose a stand-alone application to suit the needs of your business, or leverage multiple applications that work together as one, powerful integrated solution.

There are CRM capabilities within Business Central to help support your sales teams, however, this is basic and limited in comparison with the specific Dynamics 365 CRM applications – read more about this here.

Dynamics 365 and Business Central are separate products and therefore must be purchased and licensed individually, however as part of the Microsoft stack, they have a pre-built integration. This means Business Central customers can get the ERP functionality they need, plus the sales and customer management capabilities they require in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Consider the following table to give you an idea of whether Business Central or Dynamics 365 will best serve your business needs:

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