How to Drive Sales Through Video Marketing.

Exploring video marketing technology to drive sales is the latest topic for our blog. Watch the video below to hear an introduction from PragmatiQ Solutions Co-founder, Stuart Goldwater.


As some of you are aware a little over four months ago, both myself and long-time friend Jamie Evans decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and set up our own business.  Challenging, unsettling, frustrating, rewarding, empowering are just some of the words that spring to mind when thinking about our journey – a real dichotomy of feelings and emotions.  

As someone who had and has been in Sales for almost 15 years, I had clear ideas of the type of business I wanted us to become, the culture I wanted us to embody and both I and my business partner Jamie found that we had complete synergy over most parts of our approach to the business.  One thing we were both particularly certain of though, was that for us to be successful, our Sales approach would be key. This would have to be well thought out, with a clear plan and both short-term and long-term goals to work towards. As Jamie is our Technical Director/Project Lead, managing all our projects from both a functional and technical standpoint and I was our ‘Sales Expert’ so to speak, it was clear that responsibility would fall on my shoulders, and rightly so!

Strategy And Planning To Bolster Sales Performance.

At the risk of sounding patronising, sales and managing sales teams, although similar, are two very different roles. The reason why I am highlighting this in such a way is after being in Management/Director roles for many years, it is only now that I have stepped back into frontline sales that this really becomes apparent.  Being able to offer someone within my team some insight into a sales call, sales meeting, a negotiation that went well, or didn’t go so well, is very different from pitching for that meeting yourself or being solely responsible for that negotiation to a larger extent than I initially thought.  I knew that the responsibility of driving sales forward within PragmatiQ Solutions rested with me and that meant rolling my sleeves up and getting under the skin of new tools and techniques that I could leverage.

Transform Sales And Outreach with OneMob Video Marketing Technology.

So, in the first few weeks, I was reading plenty of articles, taking advantage of information online specifically focussed on digital marketing and social selling and listening to plenty of podcasts. Amongst the abundance of information there was one particular individual (Mario Martinez Jr), CEO of a Digital Transformation Company called Vengresso, that really stood out.  One of his podcasts ‘Episode 36: OneMob and the Future of Sales Video’ with Sati Hillyer focussed on a specific product called OneMob – a personal video communication platform that allows you to engage and communicate with clients on a more personal level.  This drew me in and I was keen to learn more about how the product worked, where the value was, were there any USPs and do our clients really want personal engagement through video technology?

The Development Of Communication Technology For Sales Professionals.

I took a step back and started to think about communication within business, the recent history of communication in terms of how it has progressed and what forms we use.  Clearly face-to-face contact always existed and in my opinion, is the strongest way to build a relationship. However, as we have become busier in both of our everyday lives and our working ones, along with multiple options when it comes to how we are able to communicate, achieving this has become much more challenging.  Clearly picking up the phone and speaking to someone is powerful, but speak to the average buyer and talk to them about how frustrating they find it when they receive a cold call and you’ll realise that this form of communication has its challenges.

The Communication Technology Landscape Today.

Before the rise of the mighty email, fax machines were a key form of (almost) instantaneous communication. Fast forward to today, and fax machines are practically obsolete. So, what have we had since emails hit the business world in the 90s?  What’s changed? What’s new? Well, video calling with options such a Microsoft’s Skype for Business has certainly become more popular, but only when the relationships are warm.  The challenge we have as Sales Professionals is getting the relationship to that point. So, what are the options? Phone. Email. Exhibitions, Conferences, Social Media, etc. All effective if done in the right way, but could an initial video outreach also be part of this blended communications mix?  I believed it could so I decided to bite the bullet and look at what was out there.

OneMob – Video Engagement Tool For Business.

Whilst there were some options such as BombBomb, Videolicious and Vidyard, they were either too expensive, didn’t have a service offering for smaller organisations, or didn’t have the functionality we were looking for.  So, I came back to where I originally started, to drill down deeper on OneMob. So, what are OneMob’s key features:

  • HD video quality
  • Add video filters for a great look
  • Overlay text for a personal message
  • Discover internal company videos
  • Upload videos to OneMob Cloud
  • Save videos to drafts

3 Key Features Of OneMob – Video Marketing Software.

A lot of these are fairly standard for video functionality, but there were three key features that really stood out to me:

  • Personalised and Unique Touchpoint – When I send a video to my client over email and then click on it, it takes the customer to a personalised landing page for PragmatiQ Solutions and opportunities to share 4x pieces of content.  

    For me, this is extremely powerful as engaging clients with your content is a difficult task.  Blogs, articles, whitepapers, company overview documents, can often take hours to write, edit, proof and design.  All this effort and sometimes cost can be for nothing if we can’t get our audience to read it.

    With the OneMob landing page your content is right in front of your potential client and most importantly it’s at the point they are engaged.

How To Drive Sales Through Video Marketing - OneMob Personalised Landing Page - PragmatiQ Solutions

  • Engaging Creative – When I am sending a video outreach to my client, with the use of a green screen, you can overlay the video, on top of a still image of your choice.  This could be the client’s homepage of their website, their personal LinkedIn page, or a picture of your product. Whatever the image you choose, the key point is that it will engage your customer in a different way than a standard email. There are some challenges with getting the quality right so if this is something you plan to do, feel free to get in touch with me here so I can help with pitfalls to avoid such as lighting, quality of the green screen, etc.

How To Drive Sales Through Video Marketing - Video - PragmatiQ Solutions

  • Validation and Tracking –  As salespeople, it is imperative that we can validate what is working and what isn’t, what content our customers are engaging with on the landing page and what are they ignoring, how many times was your video viewed, when was it viewed, etc, etc.  With the tracking functionality of OneMob, you can do this, although I was disappointed to see there was no integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and as a long-term solution, that would play a part in if PragmatiQ Solutions continued down this route

Accelerating Awareness and Consideration Through Video Marketing.

After deciding the functionality was great, I still had to consider if this was really an outreach that clients would appreciate.  I started to think a lot about how video resonates with the modern buyers of today. You only have to look on Facebook, Instagram and now even LinkedIn to see how much video content is filling our feeds, to realise that people like to consume video.

A study by the survey marketing firm, Usurv, found that:

Consumers are 39% more likely to share content delivered via video than regular text, 36% more likely to comment, and 56% more likely to push the ‘like’ button”

If this is the case, then why wouldn’t that be applicable as a communication method in business?

Building trust from the moment you engage, differentiating yourself and not just focusing on your product, are difficult things to do in the world of sales.  Along with the fact that people like to consume video content, OneMob helps you to tick both of these boxes. Does that mean it’s for everyone and every client will like it?! Probably not, as the one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to outreach.

Different people want to be communicated to in different ways.  One thing I do believe, however, is that as a concept this is growing quickly, will continue to do so and here at PragmatiQ Solutions, we welcome that change.

If you have any questions regarding OneMob or using technology to support your sales strategy, be sure to get in touch.