Get the most out of Office 365 + Dynamics 365.

You are probably familiar with Office 365, consisting of Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams and more; the platform has become one of the most well-known office suites available to businesses. However, not everyone is familiar with the potential of Office 365 when combined with Dynamics 365 – a cloud-based CRM solution. By interating these two platforms, your business can:

  • Access several applications simultaneously
  • Increase productivity by working with familiar applications and save time switching between tools
  • Improve how you manage and interact with customers
  • Work from anywhere, on any device
  • Drive collaboration

Here are some ways that you can use Office 365 features with Dynamics 365:

Excel + Dynamics 365

Edit and update numerous excel records at a time (Bulk Edit) without leaving Dynamics 365. This is great for when multiple records need to be updated, but editing these individually is time-consuming 

This is also useful if you need to analyse and report on your Excel data. As Dynamics 365 is connected to your Excel records/templates, you can view your reports and conduct complex analysis within Excel.  Changes are then automatically updated within Dynamics 365.  

Word + Dynamics 365

If you need to produce a professional document for a client or populate a sales quote, the Word template in Dynamics 365 allows you to design the layout, just as you would if you were working within Microsoft Word. You can then merge Dynamics 365 data to automatically populate fields and save the template to use again. This saves time that would have been spent creating a new document every time. 

Outlook + Dynamics 365

There are multiple things that you can do with the Outlook + Dynamics 365 integration: 

  • Track your emails easily 
  • Sync meetings and appointments to a record within Dynamics 365 
  • Create activity lists in response to emails, which are automatically scheduled as tasks and added to the customer record 
  • Create new Dynamics records from Outlook 
  • Customer engagement pane next to Outlook messages – shows relationship detail for each person associated with the email, relevant account, recent cases, upcoming activities, etc. 
  • Actionable insights on tracked emails using embedded intelligence 

Teams + Dynamics 365

Combining Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 enables users to easily work with customer information and share files directly from the application. You can also: 

  • Access records by adding a Teams channels on a single Dynamics 365 record (eg. Sales Opportunity) to collaborate at scale 
  • Search from the Teams mobile app, using the Dynamics 365 bot while on the go
  • Collaborate with colleagues, even those who are not Dynamics 365 users 
  • Pin individual Dynamics 365 records to Team Channels and chat directly alongside the record 
  • Share documents in the Team channel and they will automatically link to the associated Dynamics 365 record 

See below our demo of the Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365 integration…

SharePoint + Dynamics 365

Integrating SharePoint and Dynamics 365 enhances the document management and collaboration capabilities. You can also: 

  • Store quotes, proposals, spreadsheets and other related documents, to a specific record 
  • Collaborate on documents with users inside and outside your organisation, and share documents externally, from within Dynamics 365 
  • Dynamics 365 can source customer data from SharePoint, then attach any relevant documents to the customer record 

OneNote + Dynamics 365

Microsoft OneNote acts as your digital notepad which you can take anywhere. With any work, taking notes is an essential part – it could be minutes of meetings, updates of a site visit, comments on a particular issue, etc. The integration between OneNote + Dynamics provides the OneNote functionality, on an activity wall record, allowing you to do the following: 

  • Create and edit notes within an activity wall record 
  • Include photos in your notes to enhance particular point, or provide extra information for a work order or site visit 
  • Access from any device on the web application or via mobile app 
  • Draw and highlight within OneNote, to emphasize important notes 

It is important to state that this doesn’t replace the current Notes feature, but gives you another way to access notes stored in OneNote. This integration is also only available for Dynamics 365 online customers and requires the SharePoint integration. 

Find out more…

As you can see, integrating the Office 365 applications with Dynamics 365, leverages the functionality and provides your business with new possibilities to get the most out of your data. If you’d like to learn more and find out how this can benefit your organisation, please get in touch. You can fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly, or call us on 01908 038110.