Microsoft Forms Pro becomes Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

At the Microsoft Inspire 2020 Conference, that has been held this week as a virtual event, the launch of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has been announced. This will replace Microsoft Forms Pro and is a feedback management tool which allows companies to create surveys, track responses and gain enhanced insight into customer metrics. 

Below, we answer common questions around this new tool and take a look at its capabilities… 

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice FAQs:

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice will replace Microsoft Forms Pro, as a feedback management tool. It is designed to provide a complete overview of customers, capturing real-time feedback and providing enhanced insights into the responses, enabling you to act on them quickly.  

Additionally, Customer Voice will support integrations with other Dynamics 365 apps and third-party CRM-related systems. It will also integrate with Power Platform tools like Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI. 

This new product is also separate to Microsoft Forms, which has been around for six years, and will have a completely different interface, making the separation between the products much clearer. 

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Is it just a name change?

As highlighted by Microsoft MVP Megan V. Walkerthis is more of a product re-launch rather than just a name change – “Microsoft Forms is one product, and Customer Voice is another. Customer Voice has the same great features as Forms Pro, but also includes new capabilities and exciting features.” Megan then went on to clarify that this is not just a name change, but essentially a whole new product.” 

When will Forms Pro change to Customer Voice?

Existing Microsoft Forms Pro customers will be transitioned to Customer Voice throughout August 2020, with the goal of all existing users to be moved the end of August 2020.  

If you are not currently using Forms Pro at all (and would therefore be considered a new customer), you can sign up to a free trial of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice from Mid-August 2020.  

If I am currently using Forms Pro, what will happen to my surveys when I transition to Customer Voice?

All of your surveys, invitations, responses, etc, will all be transitioned over to Customer Voice, so you will not lose anything. 

The difference between Forms Pro and Customer Voice means that it is more-project focused. In Customer Voice, a project will be created which can have one or more surveys tied to it, as opposed to individual surveys. As you start to use Customer Voice and understand how it works in more detail, you might want to move your surveys to other projects (you can have multiple surveys in a project). So the interface might look a little different, but you will not lose any of your Forms Pro data. 

What are the major differences between Forms Pro and Customer Voice?

As we just mentioned, Customer Voice has more of a project concept rather than seeing the surveys as individual entities. This is essentially a way of tying your surveys together, in a way that makes sense to your business. For example, you might group all the surveys that are related to a specific product/service in one project. 

A project can hold one or more surveys and can have branching rules and variables which can be tied to both a survey and a project. You can then review and analyse your responses at a project level, using what is called satisfaction metrics, tracked for net promoter score or sentiment, or CSAT (a customer satisfaction score), or at an individual survey level. 

Another new piece of functionality is the solution templates. This means that when you create a project, you can select a template that has already been setup and designed for you that might include multiple surveys, different variables, branching rules, etc. 

How will Customer Voice be licensed?

No changes have been announced to the existing licensing entitlements. Like Forms Pro, Customer Voice is included with D365 Enterprise licenses (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service or Project Service Automation), with capacity up to 2000 responses per month / per tenant.   

Additional capacity can be purchased at a cost of £75.40 per month for an extra 2000 responses.  

A look at the Customer Voice capabilities…

  • Ready to use templates that include question sets, workflows and reports. 
  • Create personalised surveys based on customer data in your existing business applications 
  • Capture feedback quickly using preferred channels; emails, SMS, web and mobile 
  • Connect feedback with customer information in Dynamics 365 applications 
  • Gain enhanced insights by continuously connecting feedback with customer information you already have 
  • Understand your customers in real-time as the data automatically updates when someone responds 
  • Customised dashboards that allow you to visualise feedback and see what matters most 
  • Respond in real-time based on automatic triggers that you set 
  • Built-in satisfaction metrics like Net Promoter Score and CSAT (a customer satisfaction score)

What next?

We will continue to share information around Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, as and when it gets released. In the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions. Fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly, or if you’d prefer, email us at [email protected] or call us on 01908 038110.