Changes to Microsoft Power Apps Licensing.

Microsoft has announced that the cost of Power Apps licenses will halve, from the 1st October 2021. 

What does the new Power Apps pricing look like?

Power Apps Per User Plan: The current pricing for the Power Apps Per User Plan is $40 (£30.20) per user/month. From 1st October 2021, the new pricing will be $20 (around £15.10) per user/month. This license provides access to unlimited model-driven, canvas apps or Power Apps Portals, and plan entitlements remain unchanged. 

Power Apps Per App Plan: The current pricing for the Power Apps Per App Plan is $10 (£7.50) per user/app/month. From 1st October 2021, the new pricing will be $5 (around £3.75) per user/app/month. 

The current Per App plan provides access to two apps and one portal app. Microsoft are simplifying the entitlements in line with the pricing change, meaning that users will have the ability to run one app or access one portal (an embedded canvas app in a model-driven app doesn’t count towards this – find out more here). 

*Official UK pricing is yet to be announced 

Why has Microsoft made this change?

The current Power Apps licensing model (in particular the Per App Plan) was quite complicated – users have access to three apps, despite the name ‘per app’. By simplifying the model, it is clearer that the one license provides access to just one canvas app or model-driven app. 

For users who do require access to two apps, they will just need to purchase two licenses, which will total the same overall cost as the current plan. 

Other key points:

If you look on the Microsoft public pricing site, you will notice that the new prices are not yet reflected here. Due to how the licensing contracts and MS price lists work, the pricing will show here only when they come into effect on October 1st 2021. 

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