Dark mode now available in the Power BI iOS app.

This week, Microsoft has released dark mode support to the Power BI iOS app, providing a more enjoyable access to users.

So, if you prefer using dark theme when on your device, you can now access this when using the Power BI iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

Power BI dark mode being shown across a laptop and iphone

How to configure dark mode:

If your device is already set up to operate in dark mode (Device Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance), then you do not need to do anything else. Just made sure you have the latest Power BI app version installed, and the app will automatically inherit that configuration from the device setting.

If you want to use just the app in dark mode and leave the theme alone for your device itself, go to the app’s Settings page, tap on Appearance, and choose your preference: Dark, Light or System default.

iphone showing how to turn on the settings for power bi dark mode in the ios app

When the app is operating in dark mode, you will see all screens and dialogues are presented in a dark theme. However, the Power BI content itself (such as reports and dashboards) will not change and will stay in the colours and themes as published by the creator. 

Power BI dark mode demonstrated on a tablet using the ios app

What about dark mode for the Power BI Android app?

Dark mode support will be added to the Power BI Android app later in the year – we will keep you updated when this happens.

For more information about Power BI, check out our page here.

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