New search experience in model-driven Power Apps.

Microsoft has announced the general availability of a new intelligent search experience in model-driven Power Apps. This update includes a series of usability enhancements and core relevance search improvements, to enhance productivity and deliver quality results quickly. Users are able to interact with search in a familiar and recognisable way, making it an essential part of the model-driven Power Apps navigation. 

Search bar in header

Search is moved to a more prominent place in the header, which can be easily discovered from any page in all model-driven Power Apps on the web consistently.

power apps search bar

Zero query search

Recent searched and recently accessed records make up a personalised result ser for each person to help complete search with a single click – no query is required. 

Suggested results, as you type

View search results inline as you type, minimising the need to type full phrases and simplifying the navigation. Microsoft are constantly evolving search to help organisations become more productive in exploring data in Common Data Service. 

Results page that is easy to understand

Search results are ranked and presented grouped by entity type, with more fields displayed for distinguishing records. As users drill into specific entity types, filters are automatically adjusted to be relevant for that particular view. 

microsoft power apps search results

Intelligent search

Relevance search leverages artificial intelligence technology to interpret natural language terms, misspellings, common abbreviations, synonyms and more, in an effective way to deliver quality results. 

Intelligent Search in model-driven power apps

*Intelligent search capabilities are rolling out gradually and will be available on English-language environments in regions Canada (available now), Oceania (deploying), Great Britain, Europe, and North America by early 2021. 

Turn on the new search experience in the Power Platform Admin Center

Administrators can enable the new relevance search experience through a feature setting in Power Platform Admin Center. 

For more information, review the Microsoft documentation here.  

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