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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is an ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) choice for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations, large and small. Our CRM software solution for the Third Sector provides a 360-degree view of who is supporting your organisation and your communication history, with each individual allowing you to leverage the information to on-board new volunteers and donors.

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Overcome common challenges with our donor management software

Here at PragmatiQ Solutions, we understand the challenges charities and non-profit organisations face. If you recognise these, read on to find out how our CRM software overcomes these hurdles…

Tight budgets & expensive donor recruitment

Too many sources of information

Losing track of stakeholder information

Benefits of our Cloud-Based CRM for Non-Profits 

Managing donors, beneficiaries and members, to fundraising activities and event management, we understand that there is a myriad of considerations required to manage relationships and processes within the Third Sector. With our tailored CRM system for charities, our primary aim is to drive the following for your Non-Profit Organisation:

Download our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Not-for-Profit Fact Sheet

Manage Finances Effectively

Our donor management software allows you to manage finances effectively, improve financial forecasting and budget management

Increase Donor Retention

Research has shown technology can increase customer retention by as much as 27%

Retain Your Customers

Keep a finger firmly on the pulse of your customer’s satisfaction and interactions, with relationship assistant and insights

Increase Efficiency

Data is all under one platform meaning users will save time not having to switch between applications

Improve Service

Enquiries, questions and applications are managed more effectively resulting in an improved service

Better Supported Volunteers

Volunteers feel more valued as they’re managed and supported more effectively

Looking for a new CRM but not sure where to start?

We've put together a helpful checklist of things to consider when choosing a CRM...

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What our clients say...

We approached PragmatiQ Solutions to help us with an incumbent Dynamics 365 system which had various legacy issues having been customised by numerous consultants over a number of years. They dealt with all the nuances quickly to get our system up to a standard they were happy to work with. From there the PragmatiQ technical team ran with a large project and its fair to say now know our business inside out. Their ability to understand what we do and how we do it having only seen it from an ‘IT perspective’ was and still is impressive. We would highly recommend PragmatiQ.

Tom RobertsManaging Director at Moorgate Finance

We engaged with PragmatiQ Solutions to conduct an independent health check of our Dynamics CRM implementation. They worked with a partner to produce a very useful and insightful audit report highlighting various areas for improvement, and which gave valuable feedback on what we had built so far and left us with confidence that we were on the right development approach for our strategic programme. PragmatiQ worked to tight and fixed timescales to complete a focused delivery which had real business value.

Nick BreedsAssistant Director - Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant Unit

PragmatiQ Solutions successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics at our paint facility. They worked in a professional manner throughout the project, paid attention to detail and were accommodating to our tight timescales. This ensured we were operational in due time and as a result we have been able to work more efficiently with our manufacturing set up in the UK and ultimately save costs. Overall, we had a very positive experience with PragmatiQ Solutions and consequently have re-engaged them for future projects.

Anders LonnebjergAssistant Director - Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant Unit

PragmatiQ Solutions was recommended to us via a networking connection in Manchester. Upon speaking to the company they seemed very knowledgeable and confident they could repair our unusable Dynamics system which had been built by a different partner. From the first face to face consultation it was clear to see Jamie had the full knowledge around our intentions and understood our business model and had actually created something similar in the health profession elsewhere. From that point we felt confident to progress in to a full development project. The results were quick and impressive. Offering us a totally up to date platform with all of the automation we had originally asked for. We are keen to continue to work with PragmatiQ and look to develop the system again in the future.

Carren BellFounder at Lagans Foundation

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