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A Comprehensive Solution for Membership Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Housing Associations is designed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of housing associations and local authority housing providers. At PragmatiQ Solutions, we understand the complex relationships between properties, tenants, services and understand that there is a clear role for technology to support this through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

The robust CRM solution the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM supports customer engagement across digital and offline channels. We understand that the engagement process for tenants and suppliers in social housing is manual and time-consuming.

Your tasks include:

Case management, with escalations, performance targets and auditing

Inputting and duplicating information into multiple systems

Managing the application process

Filtering and selecting applications

Matching enquires

Communication management with remote neighbourhood teams

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Key Features of our Solution

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, a secure, enterprise-grade system, your Housing Association will have a 360-degree view of all properties, tenants and suppliers and with the reporting capabilities of Power BI, drilling down on that data to glean actionable insights has never been easier.

An example of some of the features includes:

Property Management

Customer Service Management

Rent Information

Universal Search Function

360 Degree View of all Properties, Tenants and Suppliers

Maintenance Management

Compliance Management

Document Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Associations

Here at PragmatiQ Solutions, we understand the complexity of relationship management in the housing sector, tenants and landlords sometimes overlap and there are multiple parties involved across every case. In order to offer a high level of service, having a comprehensive platform to manage people, properties, tenancies and a wide range of housing-related services is a must and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Housing Associations offers just that.

Call us on 01908 303724 or email us, to discuss your requirements and arrange a demo. Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, with PragmatiQ Solutions, will support your Social Housing Association to enhance relationships like never before.

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