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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for IT Services & Telcoms

Suitable for IT & Telecoms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 manages processes within your business to increase productivity and sales, whilst aligning your teams in order to better serve your customers. Offering a single view of the customer, our CRM software allows you to view past enquiries, when contracts are due for renewal, or what products or services the contact may be interested in.  As a result, you gain a clear list to market to, whilst keeping on top of important tasks forgetting an action, a task or a conversation.

Our CRM Software is suitable for:


IT Services

Common Challenges IT Services & Telecom Providers face:

High Fallout Rates

Particularly in the telecom industry, high fallout rates are common. This can result in increased cost per order, delayed processing cycles and poor customer service

Disparate Systems

Non-integrated systems and Excel Spreadsheets mean data often gets lost or miscommunicated, resulting in wasted time amending errors. Having a 360-degree view of all aspects of the business would be beneficial

Manage Customer Data

Employees have access to different information, which isn’t always the most up-to-date. Accessing a customers details, past communications and shared documents is a challenge

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of our CRM Software for IT Services & Telecoms:

Keeping operating costs low, controlling customer churn and managing diverse processes are just a few of the challenges these organisations face. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solves these problems, enabling your company to grow profitably.

Plan and Manage Projects

Plan and structure your projects effectively. Include risks, phases, targets, tasks, resources, budgets, costs and times right from the start.

Increase Sales

High fallout rates are common in these industries. Error-free order entry and validation processes can reduce the rate of fallouts, resulting in increased revenue

Manage Customer Information

View conversations, purchase history and other customer information. Personalise future interactions and ensure teams are on the same page

Access Information Anywhere

Access key information, anywhere, anytime. Develop a greater understanding of your clients with a 360° view of your relationship

Contract Management

Manage the contracts and renewal process from within Dynamics 365, ensuring you don’t miss out with customers and save time with automated processes

Keep an eye on KPI’s

Role based dashboards to manage Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), ensuring you are on track to hit targets and amend processes before it’s too late

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