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CRM for Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution organisations face a unique set of challenges when running their business. In order to succeed and overcome such challenges, a deep knowledge of each customer relationship is essential. Microsoft Dynamics 365 keeps track of customer information, purchase history, organisational hierarchy and other important processes, allowing you to better serve your customers and grow your organisation.

Our wholesale and distribution software enables organisations to focus on retaining and developing relationships with existing customers, aswell as managing new customers from the first interaction.

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Common Challenges Wholesale & Distribution Organisations face:

Disparate Systems

Non-integrated systems result in a disconnected view of your business, meaning data often gets lost or miscommunicated. Time get’s wasted and leaves data open to human error. Having a 360-degree view of all aspects of the business would be beneficial

Manual Processes

Even if your business uses multiple systems, chances are a lot of processes are still performed manually. Sticking with manual processes in this industry can impact delivery times, cause data to be inaccurate and waste precious employee time

Sharing Information Across Teams

Employees have access to different information, which isn’t always the most up-to-date. Productivity can also be improved amongst teams by automating certain processes

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why do we need CRM Software in Wholesale & Distribution?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for wholesalers and distributors tackles the problem most organisations within this industry face – building ongoing relationships with customers. In other B2B segments, these systems are often focused on finding and closing new business. The benefits of our software are listed below:

Gain a 360° view of Customers 

Our software provides a 360° view of customers and all the services, transactions and records relating to them, all in one place

Align your Teams

Information is stored in one place, accessible to everyone across the business, from warehouse staff and operations through to finance

Save Time and Effort

Streamline and automate manual processes and as a result increase productivity and reduce time spent manually inputting data

Price Lists & Products

Manage products and custom price lists directly in the CRM, so they can be easily added to any opportunity lines or quotes to ensure sales agents have access to up-to-date pricing information

Monitor Key Analytics 

Real-time data and analytics allow you to keep an eye on important stats, enabling you to make better business decisions

Improved Communication

Keep track of all customer interactions, what stage of sale they in and future actions that might need to be taken so everyone is on the same page

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