Helping Our Customers Outperform the Competition

Guidance and Consultancy from PragmatiQ

Helping Our Customers Outperform the Competition

Guidance and Consultancy from PragmatiQ

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PragmatiQ Solutions provides a range of IT and Management Consultancy services. We are focused on providing value to businesses by leveraging the Microsoft platform with the latest intelligent business applications, business analytics tools and cloud technologies.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can work with with your business to develop a solution tailored to you. Below are a list of the consultancy services we offer, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information Technology Advisory

With our product knowledge and expertise at PragmatiQ Solutions, we help you to understand your core processes and requirements whether you have an IT department or not. We then advise on a solution that will not only be fit for purpose but will also technologically future proof your organisation, support growth and scalability and increase the productivity of your team.

PragmatiQ Solutions consultancy meeting at a business meeting

Project Management

At PragmatiQ Solutions we can manage your project from start to finish using project delivery methods which are agile and promote communication, both internally and with your stakeholders. We believe this unified approach provides cohesion and synergy where all parties are working towards the same overarching goal, thus increasing the ROI and reducing the overall risk.

PragmatiQ Solutions employees gathered around a glass board watching a project manager present a consultancy plan

Project Organisation Readiness

We understand that technology is not the key to solving problems, and believe that having the right competencies in a team is paramount. We can work with you to identify any potential weaknesses and create viable solutions for supporting your business in relation to training your employees and helpdesk support, not only during implementation phase but also to provide support to your organisation post implementation.

Five IT experts at PragmatiQ Solutions in a consultancy meeting

Change Management

PragmatiQ Solutions will support your organisation, giving you the tools you need to become more agile and cope with any unexpected issues, as and when they arise. We create a structure which encourages employee involvement and communication to engage your staff during all stages of the project. User adoption and embedding the solution is paramount and having an effective change management strategy ensures that this takes place.

Three PragamtiQ Solutions employees in huddle together to discuss ideas on consultancy services

We have years of experience that will grow your business.

Would you like to speak to a specialist from PragmatiQ Solutions? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can either call us between 08:00am and 18:00pm Monday to Friday, or e-mail at any time — we would be delighted to speak about how we could partner with your organisation.