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CRM implementation is never a one-size-fits-all approach and it is not an easy, straight-forward solution to put in place. If done right, your business will benefit in many ways, such as increased sales and improved efficiency. Get it wrong and it can be an expensive mistake which is sat unused by employees, with data in multiple places and inefficient processes.

Occasionally, this does not go to plan and in fact, 33% of CRM projects fail. This can be for multiple reasons, which we discuss below, but the main priority is to help you get back on track and turn your under-performing CRM into a success.

Common reasons for CRM project failure:

Not having clear goals and objectives outlined

A lack of clear and measurable goals from the outset results in an aimless project

Lack of technical know-how 

If the project team does not fully understand the solution then challenges will arise; the system is too slow, has bugs, is too complex, etc. This breaks confidence in the system and makes further user adoption more difficult

Poor user adoption

Businesses too often overlook this aspect and think that when a system is implemented, the project is complete. This usually results in dissatisfied users who aren’t comfortable with the new CRM. Other systems often get put in place to fill the gaps and so employees can avoid using the system – resulting in the same problems your business may have encountered before

Low-quality data

A common misconception of CRM is that it will fix poor-quality data entered it. However, your CRM is only as good as the data inputted to it. Many projects fail because the existing company data was not audited and cleaned during migration, therefore, the same poor-quality data was carried over

System Take-Over

Prior to taking over your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, implemented either internally or by a 3rd party, we will complete our system take over process to ensure the best route ahead. The objective of this process is to understand your current set-up, the problems you face, both present & future requirements, so we are able to take over and support your business successfully.

Step 1:

One of our technical consultants will spend time with your CRM project team to get an understanding of your current set-up. At this stage, an audit may be necessary to review customisations & development, configuration, and 3rd party integrations.

Step 2:

Within this stage, we will discuss current and future requirements which are not supported by the CRM in its existing state. We will then look to propose a phase one project covering any fixes that have been revealed as a result of the audit, plus any future requirements.

Do you need your failing CRM project recovering?

We understand that every business is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. We will work with your organisation to understand your current business & needs and where any problems currently lie, with the aim to resolve them. 

If your CRM project is failing and you need help to get back on track, get in touch 

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