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Ensuring Great Customer Service

Customer Service CRM Software

Customer service has always been a vital part of any organisation who care about their customer’s experience and can see the bigger picture when it comes to reputation in the marketplace and repeat business.

This can be an easy part to lose sight of as the returns are not immediate, but for any business that is thinking that the costs and effort don’t always match the return, it is important to remember that the customer of today is very different to the customer of yesteryear and far more demanding; if you won’t give them the service they are looking for, there is another company that will.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers your organisation with the tools you need to differentiate your brand and deliver faster, more personalised service, ensuring you’re delivering value wherever possible.

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Discover how CRM Software can improve Customer Service

Choosing a CRM system is a key decision for most organisations, large or small. It is usually a significant long-term investment and you don’t want to find yourself with a solution that is not fit for purpose, so longevity is a major factor when investing in a strategic solution. Keeping up with the developments in technology and having a solution that is agile enough to support the changes within your business is fundamental to the decision that you make.

Below are a few of the benefits…

Earn Loyalty

With data in one place, teams have access to the latest information quickly & save time switching between applications

Empower Agents

Ensure your agents have everything they need to provide personalised and effective service, using tools that are at their fingertips from a single application

Stay Agile

Don’t fall behind your competitors and adjust at the pace of innovation to ensure you’re responding to your customers changing needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features:

Omnichannel Capabilities:

  • Engage with customers in real-time – Chat for Dynamics 365 (built on the Microsoft Teams platform) allows you to engage with customers in real-time
  • 360-degree view of customers’ journey – Manage multiple customer conversations simultanteously, maintaining full context and history across channels
  • Provide customers with omnichannel engagement choices – Enable customers to self-serve through community resources and knowledge articles or request support through cases, SMS or chats

Dynamics 365 for customer service - omnichannel insights

Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Deliver Personalised Service and Support

  • Guide agents to the right actions – AI-driven insights surface at the right time on a single interface and guide agents to optimal outcomes
  • Deliver value at every touchpoint – 360-degree of each customer allows you to personalise each interaction
  • Resolve issues proactively – Avoid service & support issues with predictive care and take action before warning signs become a problem by analysing data from connected devices

Personal Engagement

  • Understand customer behaviour, trends, and potential value and aid your sales team to build and develop customer relationships
  • Share meeting notes, events and custom sales documents all in real-time
  • Manage documents across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrive for Business

Learn From Every Interaction

  • Improve performance – Analyse contact centre operations and interactions to improve customer engagement. Also promote optimal behaviour with team competition
  • Quickly onboard new agents – Speed onboarding and keep agents up to date on new features and best practices with tailored in-app learnin
  • Anable an agile support model – Adapt to fluctuations that occur daily and over time by optimising staffing levels and allocating resources based on trending issues and required skills

Customer Service Dashboard - Dynamics 365 demonstrating active cases

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Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based set of business intelligence technologies and tools, that will deliver valuable insights to your organisation. By connecting Power BI to Dynamics 365 you can leverage your data to build dashboards & reports that will give you insights into the following:

  • Total cost of corrective, preventative and proactive maintenance
  • Engineer resource capacity and utilisation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance
  • Inventory levels and forecasts
  • Performance and monitoring of IoT devices

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