Native Marketing Automation Software Solution

ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365

Native Marketing Automation Software Solution

ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365

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ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365 CRM empowers marketing teams to not only generate but also qualify relevant leads. This innovative technology also provides sales teams with the intel to prioritise the best opportunities. ClickDimensions is a comprehensive and intuitive marketing automation platform that is exclusively created for and natively built in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution brings together essential marketing tools to help companies attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively communicate to and engage with stakeholders – all from the comfort and familiarity of Dynamics 365 CRM.

Key Capabilities of ClickDimensions

  • Email Marketing

    ClickDimensions provides an intuitive user experience that enables marketers to send bulk email campaigns tracking crucial data such as Bounce Rate, Open Rate, Click-through Rate at both a campaign and at individual contact/lead level.

  • Campaign Automation

    Campaigns Automation is one of the most powerful ClickDimensions functions for Dynamics 365. Using ClickDimensions, marketers can send personalised, multi-step emails that deliver timely content to the right contacts at the right time. These automated marketing campaigns respond to lead or customer actions for dynamic, customised experiences. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design optimised campaigns that nurture, convert and engage your audiences.

  • Web Intelligence

    Dynamics 365 ClickDimensions Marketing solution supports businesses to discover who is interested in their products and services via real-time tracking which tracks the activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website. The valuable insights ClickDimensions Web Intelligence provides ties in seamlessly with MS Dynamics 365 CRM where the data is immediately triggered to start a customer journey workflow.

  • Web Forms

    ClickDimensions makes it easy to create web forms using a drag-and-drop designer or integrate your website’s existing forms. A lead or contact record is created upon form submission and all data submitted is linked to the CRM record. With ClickDimensions Web Forms, businesses can continuously collect more data from contacts to further bolster segmentation and personalisation.

  • Lead Scoring

    Scoring is based on specific set of values that you define as a lead that is sales-ready. This allows marketers to ‘score’ certain pages higher  or lower than other based on their importance in showing visitor intent. This system supports businesses to quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue. Each visitor to your website accumulates a score based on visits, page views and more.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Using ClickDimensions’ social media marketing capabilities, marketing teams can publish and schedule social posts to profiles within the Dynamics 365 platform and track how people respond to these updates. Marketers can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ directly from Dynamics 365. Publish immediately or conveniently schedule posts for any day or time in the future, and track interactions inside Dynamics CRM.

  • Landing Pages

    Create landing pages in Dynamics 365 without knowing any HTML or having web development skills. Marketers can embed ClickDimensions Forms or Surveys within a ClickDimensions Landing Page for dynamic, interactive campaigns, all the while tracking activity seamlessly via your comprehensive CRM.

  • Reporting

    Marketers can track the success of every single campaign using data filters and dashboards in Dynamics CRM. Click Dimensions enables teams to link customer email clicks, form captures,  social media activity and survey results allowing the data to then be pulled into a visually-impressive format with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power BI. The content pack for Power BI allows users to leverage the ClickDimensions data, giving further insight into the success of sales and marketing efforts.


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