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Power Apps enables businesses to build the apps you need, and extend or customise the apps you already use. The ‘no-code’ approach to app design means that little technical experience is required and developers can take advantage of the point-and-click functionality to build the apps which are fully customised to your business requirements.

Easily connect Power Apps to data, adding logic and gaining insight, alongside sharing the apps amongst coworkers so everyone is able to take advantage.

Examples of Power Apps

We can build applications for almost any scenario. Below are a few examples of what we have built for our customers and other examples of where apps can be used…

Holiday Planner

Create a holiday app for employees to input their holiday. Introduce an approval procedure with Power Automate to approve or reject requests.

Lead Capture for Field Sales

Empower your salespeople in the field to capture leads via an app, as opposed to waiting till they're back in the office. Features like business card scanner also enables information to be gathered instantly.

Support Technicians On-The-Go

Enabling field workers to enter data when out in the field - E.g. logging repairs needed or notes relating to site inspections.

Employee Expenses

An employee expenses app, allowing your employees to enter details of any expenses and attach photographs of receipts for easy tracking.

Simplify On-boarding

An onboarding app to streamline the experience for new team members. Track member profiles, relevant tasks, documents, etc. instead of managing this process manually.

Event Registration

Create an event registration app which enables attendees to register and check-in, then automatically collect their details in your database.
Build Apps

Quickly build apps with a no code approach

Power Apps Portals

Give internal and external users secure access to your data

Microsoft Power Apps on Mobile
AI Builder

Enhance your apps and business processes with Artificial Intelligence

Automate Processes

Use Power Automate to design logic for your Power Apps

Power Apps Features

power apps on devices
Build Apps

Quickly build apps with a no code approach

Power Apps Portals

Give internal and external users secure access to your data

AI Builder

Enhance your apps and business processes with Artifical Intelligence

Automate Processes

Use Power Automate to design logic for your Power Apps

Why use Power Apps?

Solve business problems

Build apps to solve your business problems which don’t require code

Apps tailored for your needs

Customise apps to suit your needs and optimise them for specifc tasks and roles

Connect your teams

Build apps which connect your teams like never before and ensure everyone is working with the same data

Create innovative experiences

Take advantage of technology to increase productivity, such as using the camera on your mobile to capture data

Easily connect data

With over 200+ connectors, data to and from apps can be easily connected

Easy App creation

Simple drag-and-drop functionality means creating an app requires no development knowledge

An example of Power Apps…

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Hi, my name is Diana, and I’m one of the technical consultants at PragmatiQ Solutions. We are going to be doing a series of videos over the next few months demonstrating varying capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. And today, I’ll be giving you an overview of the holiday app that can be used within your organisation.

This app sits inside of Dynamics 365 and can be accessed via mobile, allowing employees to request and track holiday and managers to complete the approval process. In order to access your application on your mobile, you will need to download the Power BI mobile application, which is available on your App Store or Google Play.

This can also be embedded in Teams, but right now I’ll show you a desktop version that will offer you an insight on how this is going to look on your mobile. In order to access the application, you will need to log in to our Power Apps with your company email, which would then display all the apps shared with you in the organisation. As you can see, there is no username and password protection you when you open up these because Power Apps will recognise your credentials and you’ll be able to get it right away.

I will now present to you the content available to employees, allowances and how to create a leave request. This is my available balance, which is going to display my remaining balance and how many days I have used, I will go now and create a new request from the plus button. There are multiple times of request I can choose from. Right now I am going to choose holiday and I will select tomorrow, start from 8am and I am going to do it for a day and a half.

So duration is one day and a half and description is going to be holiday.

I’ll click on the submit button, then it is going to take me to the review page where I can choose to either submit the request or if I want to edit any details. I can choose to change anything I want here, I’ll just do this and I will submit now everything is all right. So I’m going to click on the green button. This has been completed, so right now my manager is going to receive an approval email for testing purposes.

I will show you other pages available in the application, which is the balance and leave request, which is showing all my requests from the past, within this year, which are approved, pending or declined. And again, I can see the page where I can create on your request.

I’ll show you the email that is going to be received by my manager. It is showing the employee, the date where this has been created and all of the other details I have submitted in the request.

Now they can choose to approve or reject. I will just go ahead and do this, so this has been approved. Right now, if I go back to the app and go to balance and I’m going to refresh it, it says another day and a half has been used, which has also been taken out from the remaining days.

Now I’m going to see my leave request. I am going to look for a holiday that has just approved, as you can see it here.

I will show you the email that the employee’s going to be received. The following has been approved, manager comments. The same format is going to be sent if this request has been declined, saying your request has been declined.

This is it for now. I hope you found this useful. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the details on screen. Our email is [email protected], where you can phone us on 01908 038110. Thank you.

Click to view video transcript

Hi, my name is Diana, and I’m one of the technical consultants at PragmatiQ Solutions. I presented in our previous video the holiday application capabilities and today I’ll go through the approval workflow that sits behind the application this is connected to the Common Data Service in Dynamics 365 where the application is fetching his data from as well as the Power Automate approval workflow.

In this video take you through each step of the automation happening in the background of a request is being submitted and the logic behind it. As you can see in the first step of the flow this will be triggered when a leave request is going to be created in the database, as soon as the user is going to submit a request with a mobile app.

Next. we’ll need to get the leave request that has been created the user that has submitted it and a leave allowance associated with a particular user. In order to get the label of the drop-down value for the lead type, the string maps entity within the current environment needs to be listed. This step is required in order to get the actual name of the option selected, that’s because option set values are stored as numbers. This is then being assigned to the previously created variable which now will show the option as needed.

Next, we will need to check the type of request that has been submitted and if it’s holiday, is going to start an approval. As I showed you in the previous video, there are multiple types of leave requests that can be submitted but, in this example, only the holiday type is going to start the approval and calculate the remaining balance.

This is how the approval looks like. The assigned to field is going to be the list of managers or whoever is going to approve or reject requests. The body of the email that is going to be sent, dynamic details, duration, the beginning/start date, and the end date and so on.

After this has been sent to the manager, the flow is going to wait for a response order from the approver and if it has been approved this is then going to update the created leave request and is going to change the status to approved. The user is going to receive an email saying that your request has been approved and all the details that have been submitted and some manager comments. However, if the leave request been declined the leave request is going to be set to decline and again the user is going to receive an email saying that your request has been declined. and again, the same format.

However, if the leave type is not going to be a holiday, let’s say it’s going to sick, the manager is going to receive a report saying that this employee has submitted this kind of leave type which I briefly show you with string maps. Again same details and the user is going to receive an email saying that the request has been submitted, again same format. However, if the leave type is going to be sick this is going to calculate a total of sick days that have been used by that particular user and it’s only going to be visible to the managers. Basically this is going to add the duration selected by the user and is going to add it to the current sick days used.

Thank you for now, I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us using the details on screen our email is [email protected] or our phone is 01908 038110. Thank you.

Microsoft Teams + Power Apps

With the embedded Power Apps Studio in Microsoft Teams, organisations can create, edit, and share low-code apps that connect to data from Dataverse or more than 400 other data sources, easier than ever before. The apps built with Power Apps are also natively responsive across all devices, for an enhanced end-to-end user experience.

Build and Deploy Power Apps within Teams

Run Single Apps


Per User/App/Month

Best for businesses that want to license each user to run a single app, with the flexibility to stack licenses for each additional app.

Run Unlimited Apps


Per User, Per Month

Best for businesses that want one license for each user, regardless of the number of apps they need to run.

Power Apps Portals

Power Apps Portals enable external users to interact with selective Dynamics 365 data and capabilities within a low-code, responsive, personalised website. Leveraging the strength and flexibility of the Power Platform, you can bring user-friendly portals to your organisation.

Portals are a specific app type that is created and launched in Power Apps using a simple designer. These external-facing websites allow users outside an organisation to sign in with a variety of identities, create and view data in Microsoft Dataverse, or view content anonymously.

Microsoft Dataverse

Dataverse is the new name for the Microsoft Common Data Service (CDS). All of the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform applications sit on top of Dataverse and it is used to securely store and manage the data used by these business applications. 

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What our clients say...

We approached PragmatiQ Solutions to help us with an incumbent Dynamics 365 system which had various legacy issues having been customised by numerous consultants over a number of years. They dealt with all the nuances quickly to get our system up to a standard they were happy to work with. From there the PragmatiQ technical team ran with a large project and its fair to say now know our business inside out. Their ability to understand what we do and how we do it having only seen it from an ‘IT perspective’ was and still is impressive. We would highly recommend PragmatiQ.

Tom RobertsManaging Director at Moorgate Finance

We commissioned PragmatiQ solutions to provide us with a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using Microsoft Dynamics. The team at PragmatiQ very quickly gained a thorough understanding of our complex delivery model and created a solution that has had a positive impact and really added value to our work. PragmatiQ were focused in their approach and delivered to tight timescales, as well as being a pleasure to work with.

Natalie MacPhersonDevelopment Director at MacIntyre Charity

We approached PragmatiQ Solutions to help us with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. We had developed a bespoke system over the years to manage the day-to-day sales processes of the Commercial team, however, we felt that working with a specialist Dynamics partner would be a much better approach for the business. We have now been working with Stuart, Jamie and the team for just over 12 months and to say we have been impressed with their approach would be an understatement. The dedication, knowledge and customer service shown to the delivered projects has been exceptional and their innovative approach to business is inspiring. They have guided us every step of the way and have succeeded in changing our platform for the better. It has provided us with a much more efficient way of working and supported us with business intelligence that we haven’t seen before. We also benefit from real-time, top level dashboards that make reporting back to stakeholders a very simple process.

James WoottonHead of Commercial Sales at Wasps Rugby Club

We commissioned PragmatiQ Solutions to develop Microsoft Dynamics into a Bespoke CRM System for managing our membership database and providing an efficient events management system. I was impressed from the outset at the time and focus that Jamie took in understanding our business, with all it’s quirks, in order to provide an easy to use and intuitive CRM which now attends to all our needs. I am impressed by their efficient use of time and always working to schedule, yet understanding of our restrictions when implementing a system during lockdown. The after service has been brilliant with the PragmatiQ helpdesk portal, quick to respond and deal with any issues that arose after the system was implemented.

Gillian CroxfordAssistant Clerk (Membership) at The Drapers' Company

Transitions UK are a charity working with vulnerable young people across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, North London, Birmingham and Leicester. We have tripled in size over the last 12 months in response to the growing needs of young people during and beyond Lockdown. Our data systems and record keeping were inadequate for current and future development. We asked PragmatiQ Solutions to develop and support a tailored version of MS Dynamics for the charity and to work with us to ensure we have a platform that will scale with us as we grow - and provide the level of analysis and record we now need to support a quality service to hundreds, and later thousands, of young people. I have been enormously impressed by PragmatiQ’s concern to get the architecture and structure absolutely right for us, their close attention to detail, their expertise and the quality of their team. They have really listened - and worked hard to understand who we are and what we want to achieve - and then worked hard again, especially with our Technical Development Manager, and all our staff, to produce the right solution. I cannot recommend them highly enough and am very glad we chose them.

Ron OvertonChief Executive at Transitions UK

The Brighton Therapy Centre is a social enterprise providing high quality psychological therapies to local people. Our processes are complex and, given the sensitive nature of our work, it is essential that we can manage our data securely and efficiently. We looked at various options for developing a clinical system that could meet our needs and arrived at Dynamics as the one system that could cover everything from client records and booking appointments to automated surveys and data analysis. We undertook an extensive procurement process to find the right provider. It was clear that PragmatiQ Solutions understood our organisation and needs in a way that other providers didn’t. We have been working with them now for a few months and have been delighted with their approach and commitment to getting things right. The whole team is professional, engaged and reliable and I look forward to working with them again on future developments.

Kerry EvansCEO at Brighton Therapy Centre

We worked with PragmatiQ Solutions who successfully implemented a quoting tool for sales. They were generous with their time, taking every opportunity to understand our needs both now and in the future. Their deep analysis was invaluable, helping us to refine our working practices and automate our processes to maximise productivity and ultimately save time and money. Thanks to PragmatiQ, we now have a bespoke system that has been tailored to our specific needs and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics.

Angela de KlerkBusiness Development / Head of Marketing at Impact Handling

PragmatiQ Solutions was recommended to us via a networking connection in Manchester. Upon speaking to the company they seemed very knowledgeable and confident they could repair our unusable Dynamics system which had been built by a different partner. From the first face to face consultation it was clear to see Jamie had the full knowledge around our intentions and understood our business model and had actually create something similar in the health profession elsewhere. From that point we felt confident to progress in to a full development project. The results were quick and impressive. Offering us a totally up to date platform with all of the automation we had originally asked for. We are keen to continue to work with PragmatiQ and look to develop the system again in the future.

Carren BellFounder at Lagans Foundation

In 2020, Fotech Group decided to change our CRM from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 as part of a replacement of a number of systems that didn’t communicate. For the CRM, we chose PragmatiQ Solutions as our partner and from day one we felt we were in safe hands. They listened to what we were trying to achieve and through regular development meetings they made the changes needed to enhance the standard offering. They listened, they understood and they made the changes to deliver a system that is both efficient and effective. Communication was effective and regular and I have no qualms in recommending the PragmatiQ team.

Ian DeaconChannel and Operations Director at Fotech Group Limited

We asked PragmatiQ Solutions to help us move from a database we had been using for over ten years, to a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The team at PragmatiQ took their time to understand our complex business needs and while having to build something that suited all our different Associations which in itself came with many challenges, they sensitively came forward with ideas and solutions which helped us not only enhance our processes but maximise our efficiencies. The end result is that the team at PragmatiQ provided us with a platform that not only works for all our Associations and their individual requirements, but one that will grow with us as an organisation.

Chris ThomasFinance Director at The Retail Motor Federation

PragmatiQ Solutions are a trusted and dynamic CRM partner. They have provided quick, flexible and innovative solutions to the challenges we’ve given them whilst being professional and supportive. They have become a reliable partner and operate as an extension of our internal team.

Sarah RandallHead of Operations and MI Systems at Buckinghamshire Business First

We commissioned PragmatiQ Solutions to deliver a bespoke CRM for our social care and transport business. It was important that any system could be adaptable and allow for the scope of work that we do. We have been very impressed with the new CRM and feel it is fit for purpose and has given us specific functionality, and with possibilities to add to the system. PragmatiQ Solutions are organised and professional in their approach and I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Buko EsegbonaDirector of Children & Adult Services at Solutions Social Care

After outgrowing our training management calendar we contacted PragmatiQ Solutions to help us design a bespoke system for our unique requirements. We are a fast growing business requiring a system, that is able to keep up with the pace and provide us with quick processes, reports and dashboards for all departments. We have worked closely with the team for over 12 months and we are over the moon with where we currently are. Jamie guided us with the best solutions to meet a logical workflow.

Clara TraversHead of Operations at ECG Training

Our mission is to ensure that meaningful mental health support is accessible and we aim to see everyone within 1 week of referring to our service. With demand for mental health and emotional support increasing exponentially through the coronavirus pandemic, we really needed to get systems in place to help us cope with the high demand whilst delivering against our mission and growing our team. This is why we decided to engage with PragmatiQ Solutions to help us build a bespoke system that would fulfil those elements. It was clear that an off-the-shelf package wouldn’t give us the security, efficiency and ease of use that our Dynamics system would. The work was planned out really effectively, giving us guidance based on their experience, which also made for the system to be built quickly with only small adjustments necessary before going live. Since the system has been built, our admin time has been significantly cut down, helping us to stick to our mission, even when we grow. Ultimately providing people with mental health and emotional support as quickly as possible.

Jon ManningChairman & CEO at Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support

We engaged with PragmatiQ Solutions to conduct an independent health check of our Dynamics CRM implementation. They worked with a partner to produce a very useful and insightful audit report highlighting various areas for improvement, and which gave valuable feedback on what we had built so far and left us with confidence that we were on the right development approach for our strategic programme. PragmatiQ worked to tight and fixed timescales to complete a focused delivery which had real business value.

Nick BreedsAssistant Director - Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant Unit

PragmatiQ Solutions successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics at our paint facility. They worked in a professional manner throughout the project, paid attention to detail and were accommodating to our tight timescales. This ensured we were operational in due time and as a result we have been able to work more efficiently with our manufacturing set up in the UK and ultimately save costs. Overall, we had a very positive experience with PragmatiQ Solutions and consequently have re-engaged them for future projects.

Anders LonnebjergHead of Department - Business Engagement and Applications at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

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