Business Intelligence like Never Before

Power BI

Business Intelligence like Never Before

Power BI

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Go from data to insights in minutes

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business intelligence technologies and tools, that deliver valuable insights to your organisation. Allowing businesses to get a 360-degree view of their company, Power BI connects hundreds of data sources and pulls them into visual, easy-to-read graphs & charts, with drill-down capabilities allowing you to interrogate data further than basic reporting functionality. The features within the application make data extraction and analysis much simpler than in the past, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions.

Are you struggling with any of these issues when it comes to data and reporting?

  • Too many sources of information – Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data, cloud services, etc.
  • Data visualisation is difficult and complicated
  • Not enough time to collate and analyse the data, and create presentation-ready reports
  • Problem finding the information you need, when you need it
  • Unable to access data on mobile

Microsoft Power BI tackles all of these issues, and more. Find out the key features of the solution next…

Key features:

  • Power BI dashboards & charts – instantly know what data needs attention by viewing key, real-time metrics on your dashboard. No need to worry about what source your data comes from, Power BI connects to various sources such as MailChimp and Google Analytics, enabling you to gain one holistic view of all the metrics
  • Enhanced, graphical reports – transform, analyse, visualise and present data with the reports feature in Power BI. There are multiple interactive visualisations available to suit your need, allowing you to get the best out of your data
  • Natural language queries – Q&A functionality interprets your question and generates answers quickly, in the form of an interactive chart of graph
  • Real-time reporting – empowers users to make quick decisions on time-sensitive information, and identify emergent trends as they happen
  • Mobile – Dashboards and reports available on mobile. Get insights wherever, whenever

Remove the guesswork with Power BI

Most importantly, Microsoft Power BI helps to remove the guesswork, that could often be the downfall of an organisation’s strategic approach.

Updates for the product happen on an almost monthly basis and the dashboard visualisations are without doubt best in class and continually updated from the community. Microsoft really has got this right, which is reflected in the overall reaction and uptake of the product.

Microsoft Power BI suits any industry where data is collected, analysed and used to inform business decisions. Find out how it suits the Retail industry and Field Service sectors, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their business.

We will work with you to understand your reporting needs and advise how you can start gaining insights from your data.

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